April 2014

iBook Author Orientation

I recently started experimenting and working with iBooks Author, apples free app that allows you to create your own ebooks. In my case, I wanted to lock the ebook in landscape mode, but it would constantly switch to whatever orientation the user was holding their device.

In this video I will show you the setting and also what to keep an eye out for to get your ebook to lock into the mode you want.

Masking Shortcuts in After Effects

There is a big difference between masks and shape layers, each providing their own unique attributes to your projects. Shape Layers have adjustable values and masks don’t have any that are visible. However, when making a mask there are keyboard shortcuts to use to adjust variable attributes of your masks.

Extending an Image Sequence in After Effects

Extending an image sequence is something that can be useful when needing to add some time to shots if needed, in this video you can see how to extend image sequences in after effects using time remapping. You can use this technique with render passes from various 3D programs as well.

Utilizing Trapcode Horizon

Plug ins are part of our everyday tool set. Trapcode has developed a plug in that gives you similar effects as a reflection dome or sky object in 3D programs. In this video we will take a look at this plug in and see how it works and how it can fit into your workflow. You can check out more of Red Giants plug ins at their website redgiant.com

Creating Hand Drawn Elements and Type

Coming from a traditional animation background, the appeal of hand drawn animation is something that I will always enjoy watching. There are projects that a stylized hand drawn effect can come in handy on and be fun to work with as well. Watch this to learn how to create hand written type, and some of the effects that can be used when creating hand drawn elements.

Linking Source Text for Layered Text

Working with layered type can be tricky sometimes, especially if you want to create more custom and interesting looks. By linking up the source text attribute, you can control layered text with one master text layer. Check out the video to learn more and to also see some of the pitfalls when working with this set up to avoid them in your project.