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My career as an animator came from humble beginnings, a small farm outside a town of maybe a couple thousand people. Imagination and creativity may be the thing that grew the most on that small farm over the early years. My passion for the arts started early through how-to-draw books, various animated shows such as; Batman, Darkwing Duck and Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles (not this TMNT business), and even my interest in Japanese culture through the show Power Rangers (even though I had no clue at the time the kaiju scenes were edited with footage of the American cast).

Through all of the moves to new places and faces left behind, my creativity from that small town has continued to grow. Over the years I would learn much more from many talented individuals, too many to name with their own story and many more stories that have yet to be written.

So far, the story includes working with clients such as MLB, Detroit RedWings, OKC Thunder, St. Louis Rams and have created work in several countries outside the US. I also had the excitement of leading a small team into the 2009 KAFI Cartoon Challenge, a competition for only 10 animation teams around the country while attending South Dakota State University.



Enough of that sappy memory lane type narrative, time to be straight-forward, to the point and add in some flare (similar to a typical day). I haven’t lost my passion for animated content since I was kid, it has mostly merged with my interest in Japanese culture and add in some action and you get a past time of watching anime. Dragonball Z anyone?

Who doesn’t like to travel? My curiosity to see new things has taken me on some great adventures. Most notably, I traveled to Japan and visited the Ghibli Museum. The bucket list isn’t going to complete itself. A true inspiration to any animator if you have the chance to go and check it out.


While I was there, I also hiked Mt Fuji. It wasn’t until I lived in Minneapolis where I developed a passion for the outdoors and began to appreciate my time away from the computer screen more. The challenge of hiking of a 12,000+ foot mountain is incredible, that’s why the plan is to do a taller one in the near future.



Music? Movies? Of course. What else am I going to jam out to while I animate? If I’m not listening to rock, techno or something from overseas, it is a pretty rare day. No type of movie genre is off limits, I enjoy; documentaries (The Cove), foreign (Kill Zone) and almost anything else. I could list off several others, but I’ll give you some time to explore the site.

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